Kathryn Denton

Thirsty Gobble Thursday

I decided I need to add some sort of regularity to this blog, and instead of feeding it a Jamie Lee Curtis-promoted yogurt, I came up with Thirsty Thursdays. On Thursdays I will post any interesting blog posts, tweets, articles, or anything else that people thirsty for marketing/PR insights would (hopefully) be interested in reading.
Happy Thanksgiving! This is one Thirsty Thursday where, per tradition, I will definitely be playing up the thirsty side. I am done with my first quarter of grad school, yay! I don’t know what grade I got on my advertising presentation but go ahead and check out the awesomeness of our I-Go Plans Book. Sorry you have to download the pdf, but it’s just too huge a document to put on here.

(The awesomeness of the ads/layout of the book needs to be credited to Jen Wright)

So browse through it and enjoy, while I go stuff myself with Turkey and Vodka.

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