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Finally a new post! and yes, it’s more of my homework

Sorry I’ve been absent for a while. Things are a little crazy. I realized that I never posted my final project from Account Planning that we presented about a month ago. This was not the best group project I’ve ever worked on, thanks to being in a group with a bunch of kids that were only days away from graduating, but I think we came up with some interesting stuff.

Last quarter I took Account Planning with Dan Windels who was also my teacher for Advertising in the fall and he really the best professor I’ve had at DePaul yet. I say “was” because a few weeks ago he and his family moved down to Baton Rouge and I am still pretty bummed about it.
We were given a main problem to solve at the beginning of the quarter, to make things a little more interesting than just assigning us a brand. DePaul Student Housing has a huge issue with students in the dorms and electrical safety violations. Our goal for the quarter was to come up with a campaign for them to encourage students to use their surge protectors appropriately and not to use splitters or unsafe extension cords. Yes, Dan did have the grace to admit that this was the most horrible and boring “product” ever, but it ended up being pretty interesting to work on. As you’ve seen in my previous posts of homework on Persuasion andĀ  Experiential Shopping, I learned a lot about people and the thought process they go through (or the lack of thought process) when buying a surge protector.

So near the end of the year my group pooled all of our research and came up with ourĀ  Account Planning Project.


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